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The DisneySea Theme Park at Port Disney would have been the most ambitious Disney theme park ever constructed. At 225-acres the park would immerse guests into the mysteries and majesties of the sea. Although the park served as the inspiration for the Tokyo DisneySea Theme Park, the Port Disney version would have been very different. The park itself drew inspiration from The Living Seas Attraction at Disney’s EPCOT Theme Park in the Walt Disney World Resort and would have played a large role in ocean science and research. From an attractions perspective, inspiration was drawn from Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

DisneySea Theme Park at Port Disney Concept Art

Disney Sea Concept Art

DisneySea at Port Disney would have given guests the opportunity to encounter live sea animals while exploring and learning about the ocean environment. This would not have taken from the parks attraction-filled areas featuring themes of a Grecian village, an Asian water market, and a Caribbean lagoon. The parks different areas would have been called Ports of Call and themed to around real and imagined ports. The park’s icon would have been located in the port of Oceana, and consisted of a bubble-shaped structure, that would have been home to the world’s largest aquarium, featuring a fascinating journey of evolution through the world’s seas.

Oceana Conept Art



Oceana would have been the parks main hub, home to the iconic, state-of-the-art, two-story oceanarium. The 10-12-million gallon, bubble shaped aquarium would have been the largest aquarium in the world and have reached depths of up to 30 feet. Guests would have experienced recreations of marine habitats and ecological systems from around the world, while touching, smelling, feeling and hearing the world of water. Designed with overhead walkways and underwater portholes, guests would have enjoyed both bird's-eye and crab's-eye views.

Oceana Attractions

Future Research Center – a state of the art research center that would bring together scientists from around the world to conduct oceanographic studies. Guests will be able to visit the the functioning sea laboratory, while observing scientists at work.

Hands-On Exploratorium – an interactive exhibits area that would afford guests opportunities to learn about the diverse marine life of the world’s oceans.

Clean Sweep Exhibit – An educational, hands-on exhibit, that would show and allow guests to clean up an oil spill.

Submarine Simulator – A simulator attraction that would take visitors on a simulated ride to various underwater locations giving guests a glimpse of the drama and danger that real explorers face in the depths of the ocean.

Oceana Oceanarium Concept Art

Oceanarium / ©Dinsey

Future Research Center Concept Art

Future Research / ©Dinsey

Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island would feature a man-made volcano and enter around stories of Captain Nemo and the Nautilus. Mysterious Island was one of the parks themed lands that made it to Tokyo DisneySea.

Mysterious Island Attractions

City of Atlantis – Planned as an E-Ticket attraction, which would take guests on an underwater hunt for the lost city of Atlantis complete with a giant squid attack. City of Atlantis is believed to have been the inspiration of and evolved into Tokyo DisneySea’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Pirate Island – a Tom Sawyer-like Island themed to pirates. The island would feature more action and adventure and allow children to explore the island while finding clues leading them to buried treasure.

Nemo’s Lava Cruiser – An Omnimax simulator ride where guests rode a simulated suspended vehicle while twisting and turning through underground caverns.

Mysterious Island Concept Art

Mysterious Island / ©Dinsey

Nemo Lava Cruiser Concept Art

Nemo Lava Cruiser / ©Dinsey

Heroes’ Harbor

Heroes’ Harbor was a fictional port based on ancient ocean legends. An ancient Oceanside Greek village would provide the areas theming, where the myths and the legends of the sea would come to life.

Heroes’ Harbor Attractions

Aqua-Labyrinth – The entrance to Heroes’ Harbor would be through the Aqua-Labyrinth, a maze the would challenge guest with its walls made only of water.

Sinbad the Sailor Attraction – Although little was known about the Sinbad the Sailor based ride, Tokyo DisneySea does feature Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, an It’s a Small World like water ride.

Ulysses Attraction – An attraction based on the adventures of the Homeric hero Ulysses.

Heroes' Harbor Concept Art

Heroes' Harbor / ©Dinsey

Fleets of Fantasy

The Fleets of Fantasy area was located near the boardwalk area and would have offered an array of carnival-style rides in a nautical theme. The harbor’s rides and dining experiences would have been disguised with facades of fabled and fanciful ships, including Chinese junks and Egyptian galleys. Hot air balloons would have been scattered throughout and it was also believed that an outdoor amphitheater had been planned for this area.

Fleets of Fantasy Ceomcept Art

Fleets of Fantast / ©Dinsey

Rainbow Pier Boardwalk

The Boardwalk and Rainbow Pier area would have served tribute to the city of Long Beach’s past; more specifically the former Pike amusement park. The horseshoe-shaped Rainbow Pier was themed after a nostalgic boardwalk that would be at the parks edge and face downtown Long Beach. A Ferris Wheel and an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster would have been the area’s attraction. Together the Fleets of Fantasy and Rainbow Pier Boardwalk would serve as inspiration Disney’s California Adventure’s Paradise Pier.

Rainbow Pier Boardwalk Concept Art

Rainbow Pier Boardwalk / ©Dinsey

Adventure Reef

Adventure Reef would have taken inspiration from Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Not exactly designed as a water park but rather an actual real-life aquatic activity center. Guests would have had the unique opportunity to surf or snorkel through tropical reefs abounding with sea life. Perhaps the most ambitious attraction at DisneySea would have the Shark Cage, where guests would have been lowered in a steel cage into a tank full of sharks.

Adventure Reef Shark Tank

Shark Tank / ©Dinsey






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