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Disney's America Theme Park would have been built on 3,000-acres in Haymarket, VA. The project was officially announced on November 11th, 1993. The park would have been centered on the history of the United States. The park would become Michael Eisner’s, Disney’s CEO at the time, dream project. Eisner loved the idea and rallied support of the then outgoing Governor of Virginia, L. Douglas Wilder and the incoming Governor, George Allen. Although the local government could have been won over, citizens would not be. They did not agree a Disney could represent the history of the United States, as well as their own town and eventually because of this and other financial reasons Disney’s America was canceled. The project would later be revived as a proposed replacement for Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. After all hopes had been abandoned for Disney’s America many designs were reworked and incorporated into Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park at the Disneyland Resort in California.

Disney's America Concept Art

Disney's America Concept Art / ©Disney

Disney’s America was designed and planned as a complement to the monuments, museums, and national treasures of Washington D.C. Disney described the park as a venue for people of all ages, to discuss the future of and learn more about our nation’s history by living it. The park would offer guests rides, shows and interactive experiences about the history, present, and future of America. The park was designed as timeline, starting in the mid-1860s and going back in history or forwards into the future. Plans for Disney’s America consisted of nine themed areas relating to a specific time period in history.

Model of Disney's America

Model of Disney America

Crossroads USA

Crossroads U.S.A. would have been a Civil War-era village and the hub of Disney's America. The entrance to the park would have taken guests under a replicated 1840s train trestle complete with replicated steam trains that would circle the park.

Crossroads U.S.A. Concept Art

Crossroads / ©Disney

Native America (1600 to 1810)

Native America would have been a recreated Powhatan Native American village; specifically themed to Disney’s Pocahontas Movie, being released at that time. Several Mid-Atlantic tribes of Native Americans would have been represented, with interactive experiences, exhibits, and arts and crafts.

Native America Attractions

Lewis and Clark Expedition - a whitewater river raft ride based on the explorations of Lewis and Clark. The ride would have transported guests on a recreation of their expedition. The ride was redesigned and used at both Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park and named Kali River Rapids and Grizzly River Run respectively.

Native America Concept Art With Lewis & Clark Attraction

Native America / ©Disney

Civil War Fort (1850 to 1870)

The Civil War Fort would recreate an authentic fort of that time complete with a replica of a battlefield, providing for Civil War re-enactments. The area would also provide recreations of battleships; specifically, The Monitor and The Merrimac, where recreated water fights would have been fought on Freedom Bay. This would have possibly served as the nighttime spectacular.

Civil War Fort Attractions

Circle Vision 360 Movie – a Circle Vision 360 film depicting scenes from a Civil War battlefield.

Civil War Fort Concept Art

Civil War Fort / ©Disney

We The People (1870 to 1930)

We The People would feature a replica of building at Ellis Island, which served as the gateway for immigrants into America in the 19th and early 20th century.

We The People Attractions

Muppets Attraction – The Ellis Island Building would have showcased a Muppets musical show about immigration.

We The People and Ellis Island Concept Art

We the People or ©Disney

State Fair (1930 to 1945)

The State fair area would recreate a 1930’s Coney Island theme complete with carnival rides and a live show about baseball. Together with concepts for the Rainbow Pier Boardwalk and Flights of Fantasy at Port Disney’s DisneySea, State Fair would serve for inspiration for the Paradise Pier area at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park.

State Fair Attractions

60-foot Ferris Wheel - Redesigned as Sun Wheel and Later Mickey's Fun Wheel at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park.

Wooden Rollercoaster - Redesigned as California Screamin' at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park.

State Fair Concept Art

State Fair Concept Art ©Disney

Family Farm (1930 to 1945)

The Family Farm would recreate an authentic farm and give guests the opportunity to experience the different types of food production industries as well as have the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences like making ice cream and milking a cow. The concept for this area was later relived as Bountiful Valley Farm at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park.

Family Farm Concept Art

Family Farm / ©Disney

President's Square (1750 to 1800)

President’s Square would celebrate the efforts of America’s founding fathers and the birth of democracy.

President's Square Attractions

The Hall of Presidents – This attraction featuring America’s presidents, located at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, would have possibly been moved here; although, others believe a recreation would be made.

Hall of Presidents Concept Art

Hall of Presidents / ©Disney

Enterprise (1870 to 1930)

Enterprise, would been a recreation of an American factory town. The area would have played tribute to American ingenuity, featuring exhibits of technology that defined the development of America's industry.

Enterprise Attractions

Industrial Revolution – An E-Ticket rollercoaster attraction, where guests would have ridden through a turn of the century steel mill complete with blast furnaces.

Enterprise Concept Art

Enterprise Concept Art / ©Disney

Victory Field (1940 to 1945)

Victory Field would have introduced guest to the experiences that American soldiers faced during the two world wars. The area would have been themed after a typical airfield complete with hangars, which would feature virtual reality attractions based on America's military flight. Victory Field would have also featured airplane exhibits from different periods. This area would evolve into Condor Flats at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park.

Victory Field Attractions

Soarin' – a simulated flight adventure eventually built at Disney’s Epcot Theme Park and Disney's California Adventure Theme Park.

Victory Field Concept Art

Victory Field Concept Art / ©Disney

Disney’s America would offer more than just a theme park. The project also called for a water park, a twenty-seven-hole golf course, 300 campsites, and 1.3 million square feet retail and entertainment district. In addition the park would feature an in-park hotel with 1,340 -rooms and a convention center. The hotel would be themed after a 19th-century Civil War era lodge and would also include accommodations scattered throughout the crossroads village area.

1993 Proposed Site of Disney's America

Disney America Site





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